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Julie Joliat is a Swiss graphic designer and art director based in Zurich. She works internationally, mainly in the arts, focusing on editorial design, visual identity and web design.

In 2002, she started her own practice in the Netherlands, where she accumulated valuable experience as the head designer of art magazine BABY! and by working for renowned studios such as Lust and Daniel van der Velden.

In 2006, she returned to Switzerland, where she collaborated on the redesign of the visual identities of the Theater der Künste's and of the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst. She freelanced for Work in Progress (aka Petronio Associates) and created publications for Hermès, as well as designing catalogues for the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in Paris for three consecutive years. She also art directed the visual identity of art festival Le Printemps de Septembre, in addition to creating its monograph in collaboration with Christian Bernard (Mamco).

Julie designed the book PIG 05049 which was awarded the 2008 Dutch Design Award for Best Graphic Design. The book also won the Index Award in 2009, and has been acquired by the MoMA (NY).

Since 2015, she collaborates regularly with Sandrine Macé Krabal in Paris for the art direction of different fashion brands such has Hermès and Prada. She also independently creates and publishes her own projects, which are available from her online shop.





[…] After years of experimenting, we have found out what pleases people and established some rules to follow. And this is where everything becomes a pain. […] To make progress in aesthetics, we have to tamper with designs: to introduce flaws to them, imperfections; to deliberately break a few rules[…] The results of this are often strangely pleasing.[…] In order to surpass a style, or school of thought, you first need to master its rules. The pleasure centres in the brain become slightly more active when we are faced with sequences that are unexpected, unpredictable and surprising. It seems to be in our nature to like repetition and symmetry – the comfort of conformity. But studies show that when our predictions turn out to be false – when our expectations are flouted and our senses surprised – then our pleasure centres become a little more active. The things that we know we like certainly bring us comfort; but it is the things that are a little different or abnormal that capture our attention. […]

Yves Blanc, in La Planète Bleu, 837 (13/12/2014) Translated by Alexandra Carr




selected clients

—Art, Museum, Theater
Le Foyer, Zurich
Pro Helvetia, Zurich
Flatland Gallery, Amsterdam
Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zurich
L'Ecole nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris, Paris
Le Fresnoy, studio national des arts contemporains, Lille
Le Printemps de Septembre à Toulouse, Paris
Musée d'Art et d'Histoire, Geneva
Theater der Künste, Zurich
Theatergemeinde München, Munich
Kulturbüro, Zurich

Hermès (les éditions), Paris
Prada, Milan

—Editorial, Magazine
Magazine Magazine, Paris
SoDA magazine, Zurich
BABY! magazine, Amsterdam
Self Service Magazine, Paris

—Architecture, Design
Studio Robert Stadler, Paris
PK studio die architettura, Locarno
INURA, Zurich
010 Publishers, Rotterdam
Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI), Rotterdam




honors & awards

—2016 Nominated for the German Design Award, Frankfurt, for Agenda 2016
—2012 Work exhibited at the Tokyo TDC Awards, Tokyo
—2010 Book PIG 05049 nominated for the Brit Insurance Graphics Award
—2009 MoMA (NY) has acquired the book PIG 05049
—2009 Book PIG 05049 won Index Award, Denmark
—2008 Best Graphic Design 2008, Dutch Design Award, for PIG 05049
—2008 «Typographic excellence», The Type Directors Club, New York, for the Theater der Künste poster series
—2008 Nominated for the German Design Award, Frankfurt, for the Theater der Künste poster series
—2008 Work exhibited at the Brno Bienale, Brno
—2007 Nomination for the Swiss Federal Design Grants
—2000 Distinction Book’2000, SGD Prize (Swiss Graphic Designers), at graduation ceremony










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